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The Landsharks make news! Here are some articles featuring our athletes: Heart Rate Training, Preparing for Triathlon, Excitement for Florida 70.3, Race Results article on Florida 70.3, Racing in spite of being injured, first Child of the Sun Triathlon results article, and motivation for Louisville Ironman.

Pacing is so important in a successful race. This article explains how to pace your next triathlon. 

Training for draft-legal races can make you stronger in USAT races. Here are some tips for training like an Olympic triathlete

Most races are won in the last half of the run course. Here are three ways to make your run stronger

Coaches can be expensive. Here are some reasons why coaching yourself might be a better idea.

Transitions are an easy way to lose time...or gain a race. Watch this video featuring Lesley Paterson on how to improve your transitions. 

Ladder workouts are a great way to get some running speed. Here is a good one. 

If you only have an hour to train, here are some bike and run workouts to keep you sharp.

Here's an article clarifying the relationship of nutrition, training, and metabolic efficiency 

The brick workout is one of the keys to a successful race. Here's one that will fire your legs

Many triathletes do a long ride on Saturdays then a long run on Sunday. Here's an alternative option

Training plans can sometimes differ, giving workouts in either miles or minutes. Read about the benefits of both

How much carbohydrate do you need? This article tells you when and how much

VO2 max workouts can help improve your run times. Here's a 30/30 workout that will boost speed. 

Are you time-crunched? Check out this weekend training plan

Pacing is really important from sprint to Ironman. Here's an article how to pace your next race

If you plan to do an Ironman, some will suggest knocking back the 70.3 distance about two months before your big race. Here's an article and its follow-up article on how and why. 

Some triathletes don't train with a plan. Here's an article about many training mistakes

Want to become a better cyclist? Try training with them! Here's an article from Triathlon Competitor.

When you're nervous about your first triathlon (or just always get race-day jitters), you don't want to forget those important items! Here's a list from USAT to keep with you for every triathlon (it also comes laminated if you're a USAT member).

If you're looking for some killer workouts, download this article from a British triathlon magazine.

Think you're overtraining? Overtraining can lead to injuries and poor race results. Here's a test.

 To eat, or not to eat? Here's an article on nutrition while training.